Nutricost Tart Cherry Capsule Review

Get your hands on this highly-rated antioxidant supplement


Nutricost Tart Cherry

Nutricost has a tart cherry capsule available to support your health, wellness, and sleep. Get 3,000 MG of tart cherry extract in each serving. Priced affordably at $14.95 for 240 servings, this bottle can last up to approximately eight months.

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My days can get extremely busy, balancing work, my growing to-do list at home, and trying to fit in a workout routine. 

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for a way to help support workout performance recovery so I can get the results I'm looking for.

What if there was a supplement that could help provide antioxidant support, sleep support, and even help support exercise performance?

Say hello to tart cherry juice. 🍒

That's right, this ingredient has been shown to help provide antioxidants and sleep support, and some research even shows that it can help with exercise performance and recovery

However, I don’t always want to be chugging juice before exercise, which is why a capsule from Nutricost was appealing to me. Since I know Nutricost has a great lineup of products and a good reputation on Amazon, I had to order some for myself. 

Product at a Glance: 

  • $14.95 per bottle 
  • 240 servings per bottle
  • 3rd-party tested for purity 
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A Tart Treat for the Treadmill

Fun Fact: The cherry capital of the US is Traverse City, Michigan. They have AMAZING cherry donuts there. But you don’t have to go to Traverse City to get the benefits of tart cherry supplements, Nutricost has you covered.


Why Nutricost Tart Cherry?

Your Wallet Will Thank You

Compared to other options out there, Nutricost definitely has the best deal. 

At just $14.95 for a 240 serving bottle, Nutricost’s capsules could last you up to eight months if you follow the suggested dose of one capsule per day. This is one of the highest serving sizes available. Most other brands offer 200 doses, but their price is higher at $19.99. So while the other options aren’t bad, they just aren’t nearly as competitive as Nutricost. 

When you consider that this is a high dose of Guarana, 1 G of powder in a scoop, that sweetens the deal even more. 

Side note: I never realized how little 1 G of powder is – the scooper is so tiny!

Targeted Formula  

I am a fan of single-ingredient capsules like this one. The ingredients are focused and help me get exactly what I need, nothing more. 

I like that this vegetarian capsule is literally ONLY tart cherry extract, no fillers or unnecessary ingredients. The capsules are slightly pink/red colored, which is nice because it makes it easy to remember which capsule I’m taking in my morning vitamin routine.

Also, big bonus points because Nutricost only uses non-GMO ingredients and makes this capsule gluten-free. 

Big, Recognizable Brand with High Quality

Nutricost is known for its high quality, so I keep trying new products they offer. They have an impressive selection of supplements for health and wellness online – over 1,000 products when you consider all of the flavors, powders, and sizing options.

Nutricost has performance-focused, herb-focused, kid-friendly products, and a women’s line. Many of their supplements are available in several sizes and can come in different forms: tablets, powders, capsules, or gummies. 

A few things that make Nutricost stand out as high quality: 

  • All products are 3rd-party tested for purity
  • Nutricost is the official supplement provider for BYU athletes (Division I School)

All products are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility, which is also FDA-registered


Large Capsules

According to a few reviews, the capsules can be challenging for some people due to their size. While these are on the larger size, they aren’t out of the ordinary at all. I didn’t have a problem with them and would advise anyone who is worried about it just to grab their favorite beverage.

Excellent Tart Cherry Capsule 🍒🍒🍒

I knew tart cherries could help with inflammation, but I didn’t know that they could also help support exercise performance. I think Nutricost is an excellent supplement. The quality is very high, following the strictest guidelines for manufacturing. 

While some people might find the capsules a bit on the large side, they aren’t abnormally sized. They seemed totally normal to me.

I like that the $14.95 bottle can last up to eight months - a long time. Each serving is totally focused with single-ingredient capsules. If you’re not sure which Tart Cherry supplement to choose, my recommendation is Nutricost.


Why Supplement with Tart Cherry Capsules?

Tart cherry supplements are often taken for their health benefits, which are primarily attributed to their high nutrient count. 

To improve exercise recovery or endurance exercise performance, professionals suggest taking tart cherry supplements every day for 3–7 days before hitting the gym and then 1-2 hours before a competition or big workout. If you want to promote recovery, continue taking tart cherry supplements every day. 

Remember that everyone reacts differently, so be sure to talk to your doctor if you have questions.

Potential Benefits of Tart Cherry Capsules Include: