Nutricost Guarana Goes Viral on TIKTOK

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Nutricost Guarana

Nutricost delivers a potent dose of Guarana powder with a whopping 1 G per serving. Get 100 servings per tub of this focus-enhancer for just $14.98.

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TikTok creators have a new message for you: ditch the coffee and try Guarana.

Let’s be real – we all have trouble focusing at work sometimes. Guarana, a natural energy booster, can help. Supplementing with Guarana can leave you feeling supercharged with the power of a plant seed from South America. 

Leave the energy drinks (and excess calories and sugar) behind and feel a mental focus boost coursing through your veins with a scoop of Guarana Powder.

I honestly wasn’t sure this one would live up to the hype. I had read reviews that it was not the best tasting, and the results seemed too good to be true. I am a skeptic of these sorts of trendy products.

However, I now believe in the focus and energy power of Guarana. Keep reading to get all the deets.

Nutricost Guarana Powder at a Glance: 

  • 1 G per serving
  • 220 MG natural caffeine 
  • 3rd-party tested 
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A “Magical” Fruit - And No, It’s Not A Bean*

*This one goes out to all the 30-somethings who grew up on Disney Movies. Sorry if that song is now in your head. 

**Also, please note that there is no such thing as magic.  I’m so sorry to break that news to you. It’s just a catchy saying. ***But really, Guarana is dope. Keep reading.



Great Price, Great Savings

Like you, I need to know that I am getting a good deal when choosing a supplement. Guarana Powder seems to be a niche powder, so Amazon only has a few options.

Nutricost definitely has the best deal for your wallet by far, with a 100-serving tub priced at only $14.98. That means that each serving costs 14 cents, which is a steal. 

When you consider that this is a high dose of Guarana, 1 G of powder in a scoop, that sweetens the deal even more. 

Side note: I never realized how little 1 G of powder is – the scooper is so tiny!

Has a Nice Tea Leaf Taste 

I read a lot of reviews that said Guarana tastes bitter or bad. I disagree with this. 

I was ready for something gross, but the flavor was reminiscent of tea leaves, which was fine. If you’ve ever had a basic sun tea or black tea, that is how it generally tasted. I actually think this would be great if you mixed it with iced tea.

Great Energy Boost

As a skeptic, I was not optimistic that I would even like this alternative to coffee or energy drinks. However, I definitely felt more focused, and I think my typing speed increased. I felt a little amped, but not in a bad way. Guarana helped me get through those last few hours of work on a hump day, and I was still able to go to sleep at night easily. 

If you’re nervous about how a new energy booster might affect you, I recommend trying a half-scoop. 

You could work your way up to a full serving once you know how it makes you feel, or maybe a half serving will be plenty. 

Reputable Brand

Nutricost is known for its high quality, which is why I keep trying new products that they offer. A few things that make Nutricost stand out: 

  • Nutricost is the official supplement provider for BYU athletics (Division I School)
  • All products are 3rd-party tested for purity
  • All products are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility which is also FDA-registered


Harder to Mix

I mixed this up with some tap water in a jar with a spoon. The directions say to mix it with 8-10 oz of water, but I used a little less water. There was definitely a little bit of debris floating around, but that wasn’t a huge deal for me. 

It’s not the easiest powder to mix; I think this makes sense since it is plant-based. It is not micronized like other supplements. 

All that said, it is something to keep in mind, but not a deterrent for me. 

Earthy Taste

As I already mentioned, I'm a big fan of the flavor and overall experience. 

That said, I do recognize that this has an earthy, black tea-like flavor that some may not be used to. Think like a name-brand generic sun tea that your great aunt makes for family reunions that only her siblings drink.

Some reviews talk about how they don’t like the taste, but I think it’s because they expect a sweeter flavor when trying something that is energy-boosting. It’s definitely NOT like an energy drink or a pre-workout. 

However, if you are used to drinking tea or coffee, you won’t have a problem with it. If you have a sweet tooth, you may want to mix it with juice. Or, shoot it like a shot and chase it with something sweet.

Okay, I’m Sold. You Need This

Like I said, I was skeptical of Guarana. However, I really liked how much energy and focus it gave me in the afternoon. 

The great results, with the right price and high-quality ingredients, make it a top choice. 

Of course, some people may have trouble with the powder not mixing all the way. The benefits far outweigh some plant floaties. Plus, Guarana is way better for you than an energy drink. 

If you love Guarana or want to check it out for the first time, I recommend Guarana powder by Nutricost. Get some extra energy to conquer your day.


Why Supplement with Guarana Powder?

Guarana is a plant extract from South America and is widespread in Brazil. It has many benefits, most notably helping boost energy and improving cognitive function. If you deal with anxiety, this might be a great natural alternative for increased energy without as many unwanted side effects. 

Supplementing with Guarana has many benefits and can replace energy drinks full of sugar and other unwanted ingredients. 

Guarana works as an antioxidant-rich energy booster and contains natural amounts of caffeine. A little bit of Guarana can improve focus and cognitive function. Let’s face it – we all need help focusing at work sometimes.

People who take Guarana can also experience anti-inflammatory support